About Us


Mission :

Become the No.1 company that leads AI revolution of the world

Vision :

Make people happy with AI


Bold Action:We do not fear failures, nor challenges.
Flexible Thoughts:We endlessly doubt if our current thoughts are the best and pursue the best options. We also enjoy changes of the world
Become a Learning Machine : :We never stop learning and studying.

CEO Message


CEO Jeong Doowon

Make people happy with AI

I believe that the AI revolution is the greatest revolution in human history. Machines and robots that we have controlled with human knowledge can now recognize objects and even understand languages as humans. We believe that AI technology will be the tool that can make humans’ life happier and healthier. AItoAir has been launched to bring out that society and accelerate AI innovation of the world.

I sincerely believe that the AI revolution will make people happier.

”We are the people that make the value of AI to reach everyone in the society such as air.
Our company name AItoAir embodies our vision on it.”​


Jeong Doowon

CEO & AI Engineer


Business Development Dept.

Rowell Pica

Application Dept. Leader

Abeer Mostafa

AI Department

Andrhea Paltao

Application Dept.

Company Profile

Company Name:AItoAir株式会社

Establishment Date2021.11.16

Address:〒145-0064 東京都大田区上池台1丁目7-16・401号室